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5 Hidden Expenses Buyers Often Forget About When Purchasing a House

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime and a lot goes into the planning and finances of purchasing a home, especially if it is your first home. From a down-payment, to repairs & maintenance, to purchasing furniture and appliances, there are hidden expens
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Why Harry & Meghan Should Consider Settling on the West Coast

Prince Harry & Meghan Markle recently spent Christmas at a home in Saanich on Vancouver Island and there has since been speculation that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be making Canada their part-time home. While they haven’t confirmed their plans to move to Canada, we do know that the
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Rosedale Toronto Real Estate Spotlight

Toronto is blessed with several charming neighbourhoods not far from the heart of the city where tree-lined streets, impressive property size and large stately homes preside. One of the most desirable of these neighbourhoods is Rosedale. Nestled between Yonge and Bayview just north of Bloor, you
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Buy First or Sell First?

If you are a homeowner and you decide to enter the market, you’re faced with a difficult question: Especially if you’ve never sold your home before. Do you buy your next home before selling? Or do you sell your current home before buying? We reached out to our RE/MAX Influencers—a panel con
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RE/MAX INTEGRA: 40 Years Is Just the Beginning

Among those who call themselves “real estate disruptors” in the 21st Century, few will have the endurance needed to turn this industry on its head. To see how that’s done, flash back to 1980 when renegades Frank Polzler and Walter Schneider, founders of RE/MAX INTEGRA, saw an opportunity to
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Buying Real Estate? Before You Do…

7 Questions to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before You Commit

Canada Real Estate Prices & Trends

This is how Canadian real estate was trending last month, according to the latest figures released by the Canadian Real Estate Association.

The post Canada Real Estate Prices & Trends appeared first o
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Everything You Need to Know About REITs

Real estate investment funds or REITs are publicly traded organizations that invest in income-producing real estate assets. As an equity investment, they offer investor yields in hand with medium risk capital appreciation. They are a real estate investment option for those who really don’t want
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How Do You Choose A Real Estate Agent?